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Bespoke Design | Sustainable Solutions


We provide full custom solutions for leading automotive, food and beverage, retail, military, and industrial industries. 

Our tailored approach is product specific, reducing the need for excess material, and delivering cost saving solutions.

PPS industry specific boxes, combined with specialized coating options, serve the unique needs of our diverse customers.

Niche packaging capabilities provide the flexibility for one-off, prototype, and experimental production run volumes. 



PPS builds custom box kits for all industries. Our custom design solutions support a broad range of products - our comprehensive services encompass concept creation, CAD prototyping, testing, production, assembling, and audits.

Our seamless solutions include: 

  • Complete knock down (CKD) kits 
  • Semi knock down (SKD) kits
  • Internal dunnage (wood, foam, inserts)
  • Heavy-duty containers
  • Multi-material kits



We provide custom dunnage design for all forms of packaging, including assembled partitions to meet your product specifications and distribution requirements. 

Our interior dunnage design team offers myriad bespoke solutions utilizing a range of economical support materials including wood, foam, and plastic, to stabilize, stack, and protect your product. 

Our broad level expertise includes:

  • Die cut supports
  • Partition dividers
  • Specially designed dunnage



Our trays, sheets, and pads are designed to safely and efficiently secure your products and materials. Whether corrugated or chipboard, they can be used to separate assembled partitions or as a void filler in a carton or container. Placed against the inside walls of a box, pads can also offer additional stacking strength. Available in various board grades, our trays and pads can be shipped in cartons or bundled. 



With its versatile capabilities, time-tested processes, and durable printing materials, our flexo folder gluer's capabilities provide diverse branded packaging solutions.


  • Printing on corrugated die cut.
  • Four color flexo inline rotary die cutting. 
  • Fine line and text detail.



In addition to traditional new and refurbished wood pallets, we supply plastic and corrugated pallets.

In 2019, we were awarded three patents for corrugated pallets that are changing the face of packaging. 

  • Patented structural design provides a superior, walkable deck
  • Concept tested to withstand multiple delivery turns
  • Solid deck protects bottom layer of refrigerated items from cold and freezer truck damage
  • Weight reduction of roughly 70% of that of traditional wood pallets
  • Environmental design also enhances safety by eliminating nails and wood splintering
  • Reduced carbon impact, cutting fuel and freight costs in half
  • Easy handling by shipping crew provides enhanced employee safety
  • Custom branded and licensing solutions available 



Industry-proven technology offers precise design solutions from sample to production.

High-performance rotary die cutter produces tailored solutions - providing laser-speed flexibility - adapting quickly and efficiently as your packaging requirements evolve.

If we are unable to partner with you on a project or individual item, you can trust that we will connect you with someone who can support your specific design or production needs. Because at PPS, we are committed to value-based design and development strategies that support our customers and vendors with organic growth opportunities.

For additional information, please connect with us at sales@preferredpkg.com.